Folding Wooden Rowing Machine Water Resistance Double Track

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【Smooth & Silent】Rowing machine is made of high quality material, which has excellent durability and stability. It can absorb sound and vibration to achieve quiet and smooth exercise. With the quiet soothing sound of rushing water, you will never disturb your family or neighbors.
【Ergonomics Design】The water rowing machine has ergonomically designed details. Adjustable pedals with adjustable belts are suitable for different foot sizes; U-shaped seat cushions are suitable for the position of the tail vertebra, making you feel more comfortable during long rowing exercises.
【Burn Fat & Build Muscle】This rower machine is an unparalleled full-body workout option, during use the wood rowing machine, you can exercise 85% of the muscles of the whole body, it's low impact on the knee joints, great for low-intensity fat-burning cardio or extreme muscle-building sessions.
【Elegant Design & Easy Storage】This wood rowing machine is beautiful designed to fit your house like furniture, and the colors are coordinated. The rower can be stored easily by standing it. There are two transport wheels at the bottom so it can be moved on a flat floor.


  • Main frame: Super ash wood
  • Bearing: Single clutch bearing
  • Water Tank: Polycarbonate water tank with 3mm thickness and 550mm diameter
  • Slide track: Ash wood double track
  • Full body accessories: chrome-plated screw nut
  • Surface treatment: Environmental paint, 2-3 coats of paint
  • Electronic watch: Basic model
  • Pulp leaf: two-page PP injection molding Paddle
  • Water resistance adjustment: No water resistance adjustment
  • Product material: all wood (vertical head, glue style water tank)
  • Product gross weight:
  • Gross weight of host: 23.25 kg
  • Guide rail gross weight: 9.85 kg
  • Product packing size: 2205*615*605 mm